...Serving Your Royal Navy!
...Serving Your Royal Navy!

The British Warships Association (BWA) is a membership organisation established to link Her Majesty's Warships with the communities of their affiliated home regions.


We create a support group for each warship, called an "Auxiliary Crew", through which our members can support their sailors, enjoying time together through a range of activities.


The BWA is a Community Interest Company(No.09736664), which operates on a "Not For Profit" basis, with funds surpluses donated to naval charities.

Auxiliary Crews


We create support groups for each warship called an "Auxiliary Crew" that work together for the benefit of our sailors and their families.  The overwhelming mantra for an Aux.Crew is that of "friendship".  Participating in an Aux.Crew is very personally fulfilling when one see's how much your support means to our sailors.


From time to time, as a ship's affiliate, Auxilairy Crew members are invited to on-board events.

The Mess Patron


Her Majesty is represented within each Auxiliary Crew by the Lord Lieutenant of the ships affiliated county who is the Mess Patron.  The Mess Patron ensure that due reverence to the Crown is maintained and protocols observed. 

The Auxiliary Comamnding Officer


Each Auxilairy Crew has a Commanding Officer who oversee's the operations and ensures all is in good order.


The ACO role is achieved through progression through the office of Wardroom Mess President. This parralllels in the same way within the Royal Navy an Executive Officer serves, before taking the next step in his/her career to Commander rank.


The office is aligned to the CO aboard.  Like the CO the Aux. CO is not a member of the Wardroom, but sits overseeing all membership activities within the ships Auxilairy Crew.

Ships Messes


In the current BWA model there are two Mess levels; the Aux.Wardroom/Officers Mess and the Auxilary Mess.  This is similar to that aboard with the exception that our Auxilary Mess aligns to both the Junior and Senior Rates Mess abaord.


Mess Committee


Each Mess is organised and managed by member volunteers who hold responsibilities for all event activites within that mess, its governance and ensuring that the standards of the Royal Navy are observed.


Any Mess Members may volunteer to serve on a mess commmittee, though in the event of too many stepping forward a ballot may be needed.

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